Liguria Golf Gift

This region, thin strip of land squeezed between the sea and the Apennine Mountains is a destination sought after by foreign tourists and holidaymakers from all regions of northwest Italy. The climate is mild and healthy, just to spend the winter months, recommended for elderly and children and who should do a period of convalescence. In summer the whole Ligurian coast comes alive and is filled with sea and picturesque walks, alleys and streets of countries and cities teeming with tourists and frenetic activity.
Major cities reserve art treasures, Genoa hosts the largest aquarium European theater is the famous Sanremo Festival of Italian Song and flowers grown in traditional greenhouses are exported in various countries abroad.
The food is excellent, famous pesto, served with fresh focaccia and trofie equally delicious pansotti with the walnut sauce, delicious trenette, pate of olives and olive oil derived from olive groves that stretch over several terraced ridges of the mountains, as well as native wines of the vineyards. Could not fail in this whirlwind of beauty and entertainment for both body and spirit, the Golf Club, built on some of the few plots almost flat dell'impervio Liguria, offer amazing views and provide perfect facilities.

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